Gov’t Religious Policy Seeks to Impose a Satanic and Demonic State Religion On Us

November 10, 2017 - Music Production

In my second year of study at Makerere University, I got the opportunity to join the leadership committee of the MAK Law School Christian Fellowship as a class representative until my fourth year of study. In all these years of leadership, I was honored to meet many Christians in influential places of leadership and for sure, these all played a critical role at that stage of my life in shaping out my career path.


The story continues

Whoever has gone through the law school will know the role that the law school fellowship has played in influencing the Christian leadership at university, this nation and the world at large. Think about the outstanding society icons like Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, Supreme Court Justice Lillian Tibatemwa Ekirikubinza, Mr.George Bamugemereire, Robert Kirunda, Daniel R Ruhweza, Prof. Ben Twinomugisha, Ass.Prof Christopher Mbaziira. These are figures who had a great impact in influencing my world views on Christian Lawyering. They did a great job.

They did all this out of the conviction for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the desire to transform the student community with their relentless efforts of preaching the gospel and adapting Christian moral and ethical values in the legal profession. They also did all this because they believed that this nation should have a consistent and astounding growth of respect for belief systems.

It’s from this influence that I got the boldness to step out and reach out to my colleagues in the university through outreach in halls of residence, street preaching, mission visits, hospital ministry, counselling and inviting friends for prayer meetings and sessions at the MTR and FTR grounds. I got the enormous heavenly privilege of preaching the gospel of my Lord Jesus Christ at University. Boy oh Boy! There is no doubt that religion has had a big role in creating positive impact and change amongst campus students.

My heart bleeds with pain when I see this government and particular individuals who are purportedly Christians devising means against the freedom of worship in Universities. Moreover at the time when the HIV rates are high, moral and ethical values are degenerating in campuses that the different religious groups help the University administrations to restore sanity, hope and sobriety in these institutions. I am sure my story as a Christian student is relatable to that of a passionate Muslim, Catholic and Anglican student on campus who is/was passionate about their faith.

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