On the 25th the NCSA Media team attended the Media Viability talks event that was hosted by the MCI media hub at the Tirupati Mazima mall in Kabalagala.

The MV Talks are part of the activities that the MCI do under media viability, a program that they do across East Africa, In Kenya, they partner with Aga Khan University and in Tanzania they partner with the Tanzania media Convention. These talks are meant to bring people that are practising and are in the business of media to talk about how it advancing and aim to look how to create businesses in the media that can be sustainable and how to help and learn from each other in creating communities. This was their third MV talks overall but the first edition of 2022

The MV talks were comprised of four panels that is;

  1. First session had television broadcast panel.
  2. Second session had radio broadcast panel.
  3. Third session was comprised of print media
  4. Forth session had online tabloid.

In the Q&A sessions that were held after the panel discussions, the members of the National Christian Student’s Association raised hands and two were chosen to ask questions to the panelists.

Mr Olowo Arthur, Research and Innovations Director at the NCSA asked about how Mr. Moses Kasasa the station manager at Bukedde TV1 tried to protect the integrity of the information he published and his narrative?

To which he replied that it was that social media simply flows but their editorial policy at Bukedde1 protects their audience from misinformation which they don’t publish.

Also Miss Busingye Belinda, a radio and content creator at the NCSA asked Mr. Julian Mwine the head of News for the NTV on how he was able to keep the channels running with reduced revenue.

And he said that they had to deliver a product even when the revenue had dropped, so they had to work with what we had so they ended up laying off some employees and tried to cut costs but they had to keep the channels running.

Kato Bernard a content creator and show creator at the NCSA Radio asked Josephine Katabarwa an ex radio presenter now pod caster on how she could account for her progress because she said she didn’t mind the numbers. She responded and said that you don’t ignore the numbers but you track them.

It was a great success as the team left with alot of ideas and hadacquired quite alot of skills that they await to use in enhancing NCSA.

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