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November 11, 2022 @ 8:00 am - November 12, 2022 @ 5:00 pm

In or about June 2022, the NCSA was approached by a man of God Apostle Paul Gidudu, who extended an invitation to our association to be part of a pastors conference that was being organized in Mbale. The conference was estimated to host over 1,000 pastors from different parts of the Country. As an association, we were requested to organize a legal team to come and sensitize the Pastors on different laws in Uganda affecting them. Some of the areas presented on were the State of the Law and the Church in Uganda, Companies Registration and Church Registration and Administration of the Estate.

DAY 1;

The first day of the conference took place from Friday,11th November in Berakhah Busamaga, Sironko District.


  • On Friday,11th November,2022 Bishop Wisdom ministered to the Pastors,On the biblical perspective of the state laws.

He thanked the ministers for serving the Lord, and echoed that as ministers, the responsibility they have is to know and understand how they can work and use the existing laws, to build for the Lord a temple. He quoted a scripture in Exodus:25:40,”Be sure that you make everything according to the pattern I have shown you here on the mountain”, adding that many ministers ask themselves, what it takes to build a ministry day and night in all generations,and how can you build for God a temple where he can dwell?, he told them that they have a responsibility to understand spiritual things and how the law works. Quoting from 1 Corithians 3:9, he added that they’re both God’s workers, God’s field and  God’s building. Therefore they ought to be careful how they build on the house of God, all of them are builders in the foundation of Jesus Christ and God expects them to build. He further added that they can build a foundation but God looks at it like wood, the men that come up with policies don’t listen to God, and those laws can’t build the church of God. He admomished them to build the kingdom exactly how the Lord has instructed them.  The bible says we are the head and not the tail. But how come when COVID-19 came, the church wasn’t listened to, adding that the world they are in has so many agendas, and they have to work together and build a kingdom that is acceptable to the Lord.

He further added that a pastor ought to be a rich person because they represent the Lord, as a pastor, the Lord is counting on them to understand the things of the spirit and how the Lord operates. He added that the Pastor ought to have authority in the assignment God gave them in church and their sole responsibility is to build the church the way the Lord wants.e.

  • Mr Ssenyonga Simon presented on the state of the law and the church and the Law on non profit organization.

He gave them a brief background of the 2017 proposed religious policy and whatever they’re going to show them in the law is to awaken them and have the spirit of God working on them, so that the world doesn’t use the law to fight and weaken the church of the Lord. As born agains, they have the most authority and the Lord is lifting up lawyers to fight for the church. The lawyer understands the spirit of the lord,and that the Lord is looking at putting the church in order. He emphasized that they should understand the law and stand up for the church. He took them through the different registration of churches and admomished them not to register their churches as NGOs but rather as the Non profit organization. He concluded that in their approach as a church, to dominate the world, it’s very important to position themselves and understand the agenda of Christ in positions of influence.

DAY 2;

The second day of the conference took place on Saturday,12th November, 2022 at Berakhah Busamaga, Sironko District.

Team Composition;

  1. Asha Wandulu
  2. Remmy Buzimwa
  3. Moses Busingye


Remmy Buzimwa gave a presentation on the Law of Succession. He further introduced to Pastors the law of succession in Uganda, explained to the pastors what a will is and the different types, demonstrated how a will is drafted. What property to include and not include in the will, helped the pastors understand the duties of an executor of the will.

He went on to show the pastors who are the beneficiaries in the will and people that are not considered to be beneficiaries, and explained to the pastors what steps they should take in order to get letters of Administration where there is no will. He also looked into Probate that is to say where the deceased leaves a valid will and also entertained questions from the Pastors.

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November 11, 2022 @ 8:00 am
November 12, 2022 @ 5:00 pm
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Mbale, Uganda
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