It began as a farfetched idea, it then evolved into silent mutters of selfish ambition voiced in the corridors of power, subsequently, it turned out to be a ghastly experience stamped by looming suggestions of controlling faith. The story of faith development in any nation is threatened by the two parts of this title. Firstly, it is the existence of religion and secondly, the aspect of legislating faith. Once these two gigantic aspects emerge, the core of faith is shaken and definitely true martyrdom becomes the only option. Religion will always create a face of a fearful and judgmental “God” with an end game of locking many in bondage.

It will strangle the supernatural power of eternal revelation with an end game of nullifying the works of the cross. It will front societal segmentation with an end game of creating privileged classes. It will fortify democratic views with a hidden agenda of suppressing critical views. Ultimately, it fronts the agenda of stealing, killing and destroying humanity and anything pertaining to it.

But when all is said and done, the fundamental question of all humanity will emerge, what next? The answer is wrapped in true spirituality founded on experiential living of the scriptures beyond archived historical works. The core of this permanent godly enjoyment shakes the core of religion as it exposes the true light of the gospel. Forever, faith in our Lord Jesus will shake all the systems of the world and definitely, the most logical and humanistic way of curbing it is through using democratic entities like legislative bodies to strip Christianity of its true essence. This agenda will always be stamped by oppressive laws that will try to align faith into one course that does not disorganize the demonic agendas. Sadly, many ignorant and unlearned Christians have fallen for this snare. They have gone ahead to try and sound intelligent as they stagger in the murky waters of debates on legislating faith.

The above mentioned instances explain the Ugandan experience in the past one year. The past one year has been filled with bumpy rides of awakening ghosts buried after the religious wars from the 1800’s during the reign of Kabaka Mwanga II. This was the birth of religious persecution in Uganda. In the most contemporary times, these persecutions have been justified by unfortunate experiences like the burning of the faithful by a catholic priest, a one Kibwetere somewhere in Western Uganda. Isolated cases have been portrayed as the typical views of all born again faith based organizations. The targets have become mainly born again churches but specifically those that threaten the agendas of the devil.

These castigations are being given legal justification by a religious legislation that seeks to impede true spirituality. Some nuggets into this legislation are that a centralized teaching institution to teach all preachers is to be established with an end purpose of creating a state religion. The doctrine being taught and shared on pulpits is to be reviewed before it is shared. The legislation almost translates itself into a penal law by creating specific offences even when there are quite enough laws embedded in our Penal Code Act, Cap 120 to cover the perpetrators fears. This legislation goes ahead to outrightly confront and violate the sanctity of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda,1995 by curtailing the freedom of religion, belief, conscience, religion and ultimately expression. This legislation goes ahead to raise the moral pedestal by downplaying the relevance of the growth and free exposure of spiritual revelation because that’s where true empowerment is found.

In fact, the greatest fear is that many of these emerging fellowships and spiritual gatherings of true believers attract the young, influential and the rich which definitely would scare any political and economic regime. Now, because this move cannot be stopped by any physical means, attempts will be foolishly made to stop a spiritual move physically. Imagine a generation of young Christians who are basking in true spirituality, experiencing supernatural encounters, manifesting mind boggling wealthy, speaking under the unction of the Holy Spirit, imbued with the power of prophecy and excellent wisdom. Imagine a generation of influential young people that will boldly confront, supplant and overturn the systems of the devil as they establish the Kingdom of the one true God and manifesting the dominion of heaven on earth. Imagine a time when the will of true Christianity is done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Do you now see why you have a role in expunging religious ghosts and boldly speaking out against any attempt to legislate against faith? That’s your food for thought.

By Anne Tendo

The writer is a student at the Law Development Center


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