Meet Makerere Alumnus Who is Producing Ulcers Medicine

November 10, 2017 - Club music

Orishaba Paul, a former Makerere University student who pursued Biotechnology and later switched to Ethnobotany is making big business moves by producing medicine for ulcers. Orishaba opted for Ethnobotany to enable him live his dreams of producing natural medicine.

The former Makerere student, who was at the College Of Natural Sciences graduated in 2018. While speaking to Campus Bee, Orishaba revealed that he has ditched well paying jobs just to push his dreams and lucky for him, his company has now kicked off.

“Maybe another thing many usually find odd with me and my call is that I have ditched well paying jobs just to push my dream and now my company Oris Naturals has kicked off.” Orishaba said.

The former Makerere student officially rolled out the ulcers medicine on market in February 2021 and he is already getting positive feedback from the users.

“I have worked on different formulations, lotions creams and medicated soap which  haven’t yet been pushed to the market.  But as of now, I have  an ulcers medicine which came to market in Feb and we are getting incredible response.” He added.

Orishaba, who uses natural ingredients to make the ulcers medicine further explained that he has no laboratory of his own and he is currently relying on friends at Makerere University. The former Makerere student also works from home when the medicine reaches packaging and branding stage.

“I use all natural ingredients, phytonutrients in particular that combine both anti-acid and wound healing properties. I have no lab of myself as of now but I take advantage of some friends in MUK both at Veterinary medicine and Natural sciences. I also work from home especially for packaging and branding.” Orishaba told this website.

“I  have also worked at NCRI (Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute), Ministry of Health, where I get to tap into their expertise but also get to use their chemistry and pharmacology labs. They have been so supportive and they are very resourceful.” He explained further.

On how many employees he has, Orishaba confessed that he is currently working with Victoria Babirye (a friend) who is currently pursuing Software Engineering at Makere University in her final year. He also has one boda boda cyclist who handles deliveries.

Orishaba further informed this web portal that Makerere University reportedly halted Ethnobotany, a course that was spearheading massive innovations. According to him, the course attracted few students whose tuition was too little to run university activities.

“I actually heard that my course; Ethnobotany was halted by the university and the reason was it always attracted small numbers who couldn’t raise enough money for the university and yet it is such an amazing course where someone can get out and they are making such beautiful innovations especially in natural products development.” He confessed.

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