Whether you’re a law student, engineer, teacher, fashion student or whatever course you’re pursuing, it usually zeroes down to the people you surround yourselves with. The National Christian Students Association gets to create that environment of Christ minded individuals that are ready to take this light to the rest of the world from their various places of study.
Dominion for these students is one of their key agendas and taking over that which the Lord has prepared for them to shine with. Imagine a place that helps you discover your true identity, your true spiritual identity awakened to help you live a transcendent life not just any normal or ordinary individual out there but one who has positioned oneself to have the grace of God work for them. The NCSA people get to bring this realization to you more in a vivid way.

By Tamale Aaron Joseph

The writer is a Student at Makerere University

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  1. Nice article.

  2. I love the NCSA people. Ever since I joined them, I’ve grown spiritually and I’ve gotten to know the great things God has called me to.

  3. These are awesome people. you should meet them.

  4. i now i know i am not an ordinary student

    1. wow. What an amazing fact that youve come to terms with

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