June 10, 2023
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NCSA Academy

On realization that some of the prevalent challenges of the youth are due to lack of self-organization and minimal nurturing, the NCSA in its bid to assist the youth birthed the Circle Club in March this year. Its major purpose was to nurture the youth in the different essential values through the NCSA’s activities.

It was ensured that all the activities of the club were fully youth-oriented and centered as they were led by the youth and therefore provided them with an opportunity to learn; organizational skills, accountability, self-drive, self-initiative, and creativity, among others.

The Circle Club was initiated within institutions and communities. The reason was that young people spend almost 70% of their youth in school, educational institutions are the key portals to target the youth. Furthermore, since after school the youth get back into the communities, the community clubs are also vital in the continuous nurturing of these youth.


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